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Professional Packers and Movers in Tollygunge

Tollygunge, Kolkata is located in West Bengal, specifically in south Kolkata. It is the center of the film industry, i.e., Tollywood. It was in the 18th century called Rasa Pagla because it was a jungle with garden houses. The Europeans who lived there changed the Sleepy villages into urban villas, which became the suburbs of central Calcutta. The Paschim Putiary and Purba Putiari in the south and Behala in the west are also the major attractions in the area. Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro station of Kolkata Metro offers excellent connectivity with the other regions in the city. Tollygunge, Kolkata Agragami, Tollygunge, Kolkata Club, Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC), ITC Sangeet Research Academy are other places to visit.


Tollygunge, Kolkata has two markets: inner and outer. The inner market is the core market of the city, which helps in planned buildings. The outer market sells daily necessities and has pavement stalls. Lake mall is the most attractive shopping mall. Charu Chandra Market at 54/1 Charu Chandra Avenue is another famous market.


Need for Tusted & Verified Movers and Packers in Tollygunge, Kolkata


Are you planning to move to a new place and want to take with you all the furniture and other necessities? Are you planning to take leaves from your office, just to shift things? Are you planning on getting a good back-pain while you carry them on your own? Keep yourself at rest, and just focus on formal procedures. At trusted and verified Anil Packers and Movers, we have plenty of experience in handling reloctaion services of all magnitudes. Whether it is your home, office, or factory, w ecan handle all your reloation requirements with extreme ease. Our customers have dealt with a lot of stress while leaving a place in which they were emotionally attached to emotionally. Therefore, having the support to transport things removes the emotional baggage. Relocating does not only mean just shifting of things, but it also includes packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. Doing all of these things on your own will require a lot of training, time, and types of equipment.


We have trained people and professionals who can give you a helping hand and remove your stress. Our professionals are used to shifting furniture, medical equipment, cars, and belongings. We are trustworthy as we will also provide you our insurance policy and will be responsible for any damage caused. So, just sit back and parcel your burden to us by hiring Anil packers and movers.


Steps to Choose the Assured & Best Packers and Movers in Tollygunge, Kolkata


Once you made up your mind to shift to a new place with your belongings, you will have to find the best company which can help you in relocating. There are many companies in the market, and therefore to choose the most trustworthy company becomes difficult. You need not feel flustered with the numerous choices that you are encountered with, as we are sharing our experience with you. Here are some things you should look into before choosing a company.


  1. Genuineness


    You need to ensure that the company with whom you are working should be properly licensed and should have the requisite permits. They might be carrying a few copies with themselves to help you build their trust.


  2. Reviews


    Reviews also have an important role to play. Check on the testimonials of their previous customers and even talk with them if you want to. Having a good background check is necessary to avoid fraud companies.


  3. Cost


    Compare the costs of one company with another, and if you like a particular company, you can ask for negotiation if possible. Opting for cheaper services means that you risked your belongings. Risk because cheap rated companies will often negotiate in their quality of service.


  4. Experience


    You need to undertake in-depth research about the company. Some of them tend to hide their hidden costs in their service selling costs. Some also tend to lose some belongings and show fake contracts.


    If they are new to the market, check on their customer list and their delivery, and if they were able to satisfy their customers.


  5. Insurance policy


    You must make sure that the agency offers an insurance policy as well. Any good company that believes in itself will give you insurance if by mistake your goods get damaged.


  6. Workers


    If possible, take full information about the workers because you don’t want to let strangers enter your house.



Tip: Keep a note of all the belongings you send them for relocating.


These are some steps which will help you choose the best movers and packers company in your city. Anil Packers and Movers will provide all the necessary requirements and will solve your doubts. We are considered the best in Tollygunge, Kolkata (Kolkata) and have posted many reviews of our customers. We do not give an opportunity for disappointment.


Benefits of hiring IBA Certified Safe and Secure Anil Packers and Movers


Our company, IBA certified Anil packers and movers is the best choice for your relocation requirements. We have trained professionals who would love to serve you and help you with the relocation. We have also gained experience from working with our past customers.


Here are some of the standout benefits that you can enjoy with our services: -


  1. Experience


    Serving the people since 1986, no one was able to match our level of expertise. We have served our customers with full faith and honesty.


  2. Workers


    We provide training to all our new recruits so that they get comfortable and professional with their work.


  3. Trust


    You can trust us with your belongings, just like other thousand customers. We believe in growing and always improve our practices. We assure you of a burden-free packers and movers service.



Affordable & Reliable Trusted Services offered by us


  1. Home shifting service


    You can totally trust us with loading, packing, unpacking, and unloading from one place to another. We are famous for Home relocation services. 


  2. Office shifting service


    Changing the location of the office? We have got your back. Let us manage your office relocation service while you just sit back and relax. 


  3.  Within city shifting service


    Are you nervous about the safety of your belongins? Are you stressing on the transportation of your furniture and belongings? Well, you need not worry as we can certainly help you with it. 


  4. Warehouse service


    Our company also provides affordable warehouse services. We deal with your belongings delicately, and warehouses are secured 24/7. We offer our services across all over the country. 


  5. Car relocation service


    We will relocate your car to a new place without any damage caused. You have come to the right place for this service. 


  6.  Bike shifting service


    We used advanced types of equipment for loading and unloading the vehicles without causing any damage. 


  7.  Heavy machine, wood packing and shifting service


    We have strong packaging made out of wood, which helps in keeping the machines safe and intact.  


  8. Medical equipment shifting service


    As medical equipment is delicate, we will provide you with the best professional service. 


  9.  Interstate shifting service


    At, Anil Packers and Movers we offer you with the best, safe & secure interstate shifting services. We can move your equipment to the following cities:  


    • Packers and Movers for Tollygunge, Kolkata to Kolkata relocation


      In this short journey, we provide a lot of security. Anil Packers and movers will relocate Tollygunge, Kolkata to Kolkata, your belongings without damage and ensure that you do not face any hassles whatsoever. 


    • Packers and Movers for Tollygunge, Kolkata to Bangalore relocation


      Are you searching for the best packers and movers services from Tollygunge, Kolkata to Bangalore? Well, your search ends with us. You can trust our company for the relocation of all your belongings in perfect condition. 


    • Packers and Movers for Tollygunge, Kolkata to Mumbai relocation


      Lay back and be burden-free and let us help you in moving all your dear belongings from Tollygunge, Kolkata to anywhere in Mumbai with the utmost professionalism and in perfect condition.  


    • Packers and Movers for Tollygunge, Kolkata to Ahmedabad relocation


      Ahmedabad is one of the biggest cities in India. To shift Tollygunge, Kolkata to Ahmedabad, there is a great idea. Anil Packers and Movers will provide you the best services and make sure that you do not face any hassles at all.  


    • Packers and Movers for Tollygunge, Kolkata to Delhi relocation


      Delhi is the hub of big corporations and headquarters. It is also one of the busiest cities in the country. We will assist you in Tollygunge, Kolkata to Delhi relocation and ensure that you do not face any hassles. 


    • Packers and Movers for Tollygunge, Kolkata to Chennai relocation


      Chennai experiences climate change, and therefore to cope up with it is difficult. We will guide you perfectly with your Tollygunge, Kolkata to Chennai and make you settle here seamlessly.  





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